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Hello, this is Harshad Nere,
I am a Professional Yoga Therapist with 15+ Years of Experience.

National Yoga Player, Joint Secretary – Association
of Mumbai Yoga District, Treated and Transformed 5000+ lives.

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International Day of Yoga

Are you excited about yoga day?
Get ready to celebrate International yoga day with an exciting lineup of fitness and wellness to channelize your inner zen.
#YogaDay At Home, #YogaDay With Harshad Nere. Abh Asana Hai Aasan!


Eat Anything and Lose Weight.
Is it possible to shed pounds by eat whatever you want and lose weight?
Yes it is possible #YogaSeHoga
All your queries will be answered in the upcoming workshop.

Knee Pain

Does it hurt to walk or jog for 15 minutes? Is it getting harder to go up steps? Are you having difficulty playing sports or exercising? Knee pain while climbing stairs? If you are having trouble with your knee and joint stiffness. Then this workshop is especially for you.
Learn to run, jog, walk and climb without putting much effort on your knees.
Get Instant relief from your knee pain forever.


The thyroid gland is the most important gland responsible for our health and wellness. However, due to an Improper work schedule, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, irregular and unbalanced food habits, and high stress levels are the root cause of these disorders, this gland can go off balance and either overwork or underwork itself. Find out how you can treat this imbalance and support the health of your thyroid gland.

Asanas + Pranayama + Om Technique + kriya yoga + Meditation forms the core of these workshops.

Meditation Services by Harshad Nere


Mind is madness: Go beyond your mind and meditate. 

All you need to do is sit with your eyes closed for 20 minutes and follow the instructions being given in the guided meditation.

Learn to manage life, stress, anxiety, improve relationships, & emotions effortlessly and learn to live with purpose, confidence, and joy. 

Online series of 3 free masterclasses. No prior meditation experience is needed to join in and feel the benefits for yourself.

“Yoga is actually meant for ‘Prevention’ of disease and not for the cure of disease”

– Harshad Nere


Yoga For COVID-19

I will be sharing simple yoga practices that can help improve your immunity and oxygen levels, and also remain balanced and positive-minded during these challenging times.

Why See a
Yoga Therapist?

Yoga therapy empowers your overall health and well-being through the application, tools, and teachings of yoga.
Yoga isn’t a fix-it model. Yoga helps in instilling physical and mental practices. And stimulates self-healing.

For what disease yoga can be a therapy?

Yoga therapy is a life-changing and life-saving treatment.
Even doctors suggest yoga therapy for most chronic conditions.

What Does a Yoga Therapy Session Look Like?

Yoga Therapy session is an integrative yoga practice. Which includes yoga asanas, mindfulness meditation, breathing practices, and other effective yoga practices.
Harshad Nere- Yoga Therapist In Mumbai India
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Committed To Social Seva
Selfless help at anytime.

Victory Stories

"I lost 8 kgs in a safe and gradual manner with the help of these yoga classes."

My name is Sandeep Sutar. I am 47 years old. A year ago, I started yoga classes with Mr. Hardhad Nere and I have seen an immense change in my lifestyle ever since.
I used to be exactly 78 kgs, and as of now, I am 70 kgs. I lost 8 kgs in a safe and gradual manner with the help of these yoga classes. 
Apart from the weight loss, there were some other changes that came into my life that deserve equal credit. My energy levels improved, my stress levels decreased, my posture became better and lastly, my general attitude towards health and wellness became positive. 
“Oftentimes, people only focus on the external changes

Sandeep Sutar From Dubai

"Within one month of practicing yoga, I started feeling more relaxed and light weight"

Yoga strengthens the body, calms the mind, and softens the heart.”
You may start doing Yoga with the idea of getting in shape or gaining more flexibility. In my case, I started doing yoga to reduce stiffness and to gain more flexibility. Within one month together with Harshad, I can feel more relaxed, lightweight.

– Tushar Amrutkar from Germany

I was able to shed 23 kgs in 6 months

“I had put on a lot of weight since my pregnancy and found it difficult to shed any weight even after two and half years. 

Harshad sir guided my weight-loss journey very strategically through yoga and exercise. We started with stretching and simple asanas until I built the strength to do advanced exercises and yoga postures. Yoga and breathing exercises helped me to relieve the stress and concentrate on healthy living. I was able to shed 23 kgs in 6 months and my journey still continues. I would whole-heartedly recommend Harshad sir’s yoga to anyone seeking for reliable and effective yoga guidance.”

Bhumika Tulalwar from USA


"Unique yet simple teachings. Very close to Indian roots and I felt like learning from one of the original sources of yoga. (unlike many western yoga teachers online today)."

I really love the classes and look forward to them every day.

The sessions start with focusing on basic stretches to get the core muscle groups flexible. 

Over time, more complex yoga postures are added and you will personally see the progress when you are able to do the poses which you couldn’t a few weeks ago. 

Sir explains the name, meaning & benefit of each pose so you know why you are doing what you are doing. 

The classes also include different types of pranayama and meditation. Harshad Sir’s yoga teachings are very unique yet simple in that they are very close to Indian roots and you feel like you’re learning from one of the original sources of yoga (unlike the many western yoga teachers online today).

I highly recommend Harshad Sir’s yoga classes if you are looking to improve your health and overall well being in a meaningful way.

"We have not only become trim in shape but have become agile and found a new wave of energy within us."

We came to know of Shri Harshadji through a relative of ours who was learning Yoga through him.
Being senior citizens and confined to home because of Pandemic, we too evinced interest and joined his online program.

I am impressed by the unique way of Teaching Yoga By Harshad Nere.
He taught us all such asanas and “Exercises according to our age and body structure with focus on overcoming any pre-existing problems we may have.

We have been his students for more than six months and we can vouch that after joining his class we have been benefited immensely.
Our two daughters, who are in the US, have also joined his online classes thus our entire family are his students

Ravichandran Rajamani and Seethalakshmi Ravichandran
From Hyderabad

The classes are engaging with fun games to increase one’s concentration

I have been learning Yoga under the esteemed tutelage of Mr.Harshad Nere since the beginning of 2021 to improve my flexibility and overall fitness. 
In this short period, I have seen quite a transformation in myself. There is an incredible reduction of fat, healthy muscle build-up, improved flexibility, and energy. Mr.Nere not only takes the time to explain the correct techniques but also explains its health benefits. I have also had to change my class timings every now and then due to my work schedule. Mr.Nere has been very accommodating of my schedule and accordingly arranges classes for me. 
His dedication and commitment to his students are truly commendable. Furthermore, he tailors the sessions for each person to cater to their concerns. The classes are engaging with fun games to increase one’s concentration. I highly recommend Mr.Nere, you couldn’t go wrong with your choice!  

– Urmila Ravichandran
Chicago, IL

I started the programme 2 months ago, and he has been outstanding in recognising my issues and guiding me toward my goals.

Also, I was demotivated at times, but he was kind enough to encourage me by emphasising the importance of yoga. 

My mother, like me, has had a significant reduction in back pain and now lives a very healthy lifestyle.

I would highly recommend him to people of all ages, including those looking for one-on-one attention in a group class. He understands everyone’s needs by devoting enough time to everyone’s comprehension. 

-Rekha Buchade, Principal of Gyanmandir Marathi Vidyalaya,  Dombivli.

I have lost 8kg from 87kg to 79kg without following any diet restrictions.


  • I have observed that there is a 4 inches loss. 
  • In August 2020, my diabetes was 384 (post-meal). Now in May 2021, my diabetes was reduced till 152 (Post-meal). 
  • Incredible improvement in body flexibility
  • Boosted my self-confidence
  • I feel more relaxed and calm just doing Pranayama techniques and Shavasana regularly. 
  • My stamina and body posture have improved a lot.

He also provided guidance on how we should develop immunity during COVID-19.

Conducted exercises for women’s health like good for a menstrual period to be regularized, reducing menstrual pain. Also introduced exercises related to joint pain, pranayama, meditation. 

I am really happy and thankful to have such a wonderful yoga instructor, and I will definitely try to take his service as long as possible for me. 

– Sheetal Sujith

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